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Tours Koh Samui offers a wide variety of transfer related services to make your getting to, around and away from Koh Samui easier.
We provide a large number of options for transfers to Bangkok, the mainland, and the surrounding islands Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. We can also assist you by providing transportation on the island in the form of VIP air condition minivan with driver for transfers on the island or for few hours, Jeep and cars rental.

In addition to providing the best day trip on Samui we also offer general travel agency service such as:
* Private Koh Samui airport transfer to your hotel or resort start at just 300THB
* Private ground transportation by air condition minivan with driver
* Advance reservation and delivery of tickets for Boat, Train, high speed ferry, bus, and car ferry.
* Rental service for cars and motorbike including delivery.

Samui transportation: by Air
Koh Samui's award-winning airport was built and owned by Bangkok Airways and currently have direct flight from Bangkok, Chian Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and internationally Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There are flights between Samui and Bangkok more or less hourly from 6:00am until about 10:00 in the evening. 
Getting from Koh Samui airport to your hotel can be an adventure by itself getting into a taxi to take you to your hotel involve negotiation that normally end up in rather expensive transfer.   We recommend pre-arranging transfer with your hotel or airline.  We can provide privet air-condition minivan transfer that cost 500 Baht to main beaches in Samui.

A budget alternative to flying Bangkok Airlines is to fly one of the low cost carriers such as Air Asia into Surat Thani and then take a bus / ferry combination to Samui. The main drawback to this is that it will eat up more or less an entire day to get to Samui unless you arrange for a privet pickup.
An average flight from Air Asia will be 1,720 Baht per a person which is considerably less then what you end up paying with Bangkok airways around 4,500 per a person plus transfer to your hotel of around 300 Baht per a person.  If you depart at 9:00 am you can get to your hotel as early as 11:30am

Air Asia has daily flight Depart at 9:00am and arrive Surt Thani at 10:15.  With a privet transfer from the airport to your hotel in Samui without any delays you will be able to get on the 12:00pm ferry and end up at your hotel in Samui around 2:00 pm. 

With a privet minivan transfer just for your group the cost is 3,800 Baht for the minivan plus 150 per number of people in your group.  The minivan can fit up to 8 people with medium size suitcases.  With a privet transfer the detour to the mainland can be fun, and with Thai or foot massage on board the ferry the whole detour can be a nice half a day experience.
With the join transfer you will get on the 2:00pm ferry and end up at your hotel in Samui around 5:00 pm.  The estimate cost for a person would be 550 Baht Per a person.

In first look the price difference is not that large between the two airlines after considering the privet transfer option.  But if you calculate the cost for a group of 6 people the difference quickly adds up.  Bangkok Airways will set you back around 28,800 Baht.  The Air Asia option with a privet transfer will set you back around 15,020 Baht. If you like more information on Tours Koh Samui privet transfer from and to Surt Thani please contacts us

Samui transportation: by Train
We recommend travelers to Samui to take the night sleeper trains as they can get a bit of sleep on the journey that takes around 9-11 hours.  There are currently 4 night train depart from 17:05 to 19:30 and arrive early in the morning to Phun Phin which is about 10kms west of Surat Thani and 80kms from Samui pier at Don Sak.  If you take one of those trains you will have no problem getting transfer to Samui.

We do not recommend purchasing join ticket to Samui as when you do so you will most likely end up waiting for the bus transfer to the pier long time 1-2 hours.  The trains are often late in arrival (not in departure, accurate departure time to the minute) and the join ticket company play safe and planed transfer as late as possible.  In the meantime they get as many trains and client as possible as if you arrive early with join ticket you are limited to only using the company that the joint ticket work with. If you arrive without the join ticket you are free to select the company that depart first. 

We do recommend purchasing join ticket from Samui to Bangkok and to take the overnight Trains that depart Surt thani 17:40 to 19:45 as those trains are service by a once a day join transfer that depart Samui at 13:30. Taking the overnight train and traveling by first or second-class sleeper with air conditioning is recommended as the most comfortable and convenient option.

The problem that faces most travelers is the limited or no availability of first or second-class sleeper even one week in advanced and no online reservation system or e-tickets  Tours Koh Samui can get ticket for you a month in advance and send them by register mail to your hotel in Thailand via 2-3 day service.  If you like pricing information please contacts us

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