Christine 52ft Sailing Yacht - Seat back and watch the world go by...

Koh Samui Sail boat charter

When it comes to sailing, nothing can beat the freedom and sense of adventure of a private yacht
Sailing with onboard the Christine 52ft along the Koh Samui archipelago is surely one of the greatest ways to discover more than 60 islands with beautiful, white-sand beaches, fringed with coconut palms and lush vegetation stretching over limestone hills.

We offer fine skippered sailing boat charters aboard the sailing yacht “Christina 2 52ft” that do not required you to have any experience in sailing. If you are experience in sailing you are welcome to assist our skipper. During our sailing holidays you will visit remote beaches and enjoy the warm tropical waters off your own private yacht. Amongst many other things, you will have the opportunity to snorkel on stunning reefs full with colorful fish, explore remote beaches, find hidden caves, swim in the natural pools of remote waterfalls and enjoy the wonderful food and hospitality.

The Yacht has been designed and built by the famous yacht designer Hans Christian in 2007. The boat is equipped with the latest communication, navigation, security devices and safety equipment. She offers luxurious interior and a main sun deck for sunbathing and relaxing from where you can enjoy the stunning views of Koh Samui and its neighboring islands. Below deck there are 3 cabins with double beds. The master bed room has a privet toilet and shower and is fully equipped with the latest amenities.

Onboard you will find a fully equipped kitchen with our ambitious hobby chef Luca, who can offer you very delicious Italian and Thai specialty’s as well as French dishes.  For seafood enthusiastic, fresh sea food, lobster and various types of fishes from the Gulf of Thailand are available on request.

Luxury sailing charter itinerary will be design in according to your request and preferences. Your charter can be modified at any time; For example, if you wish to extend you time at the waterfall to enjoy a longer swim in its refreshing water, you will just need to tell it to our skipper... If you like to try your luck fishing just ask us and we will provide you with fishing roads, it is your private sailing boat, your crew and your guaranteed fun!

With a private charter you can modify the trip schedule according to your preference during the day.  For example, if you spot the perfect beach and want to go ashore, our boat crow will be happy to stop by and transfer you to the beach and let you be the explorer… 

We offer skippered sailing boat charter from half day or sunset cruise to 4 days sailing safari to the Marine Park, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Please contact us to work out a program which suits your special request and wishes. We will be happy to create an unforgettable experience tailor just for you.  For inquiries and availability please Contact Us

For additional pictures of the Christina 2 52ft please visit our gallery Christine 52ft

Ang Thong National Marine Park yacht charter Sailing Boat arrive Hostess Swimming at Namuang Waterfall
One full day 9.5 hours charter around the Ang Thong Marine Park 42,000 THB for 1-2 guest (additional guests 2,000THB per a person)

6 Hours charter around Koh Taen for snorkeling, kayaking, mountain bike 28,000 THB for 1-2 guest (additional guests 2,000THB per a person)

Sunset charter around the Five Islands include dinner at Nikki Beach 24,000 THB for 1-2 guests (additional guests 4,000THB per a person)

Sunset charter around the Five Islands 16,000 THB for 1-2 guest (additional guests 2,000THB per a person)
Samui Island Safari Half day Koh Taen & Mudsum Island Hopping and snorkelling tour
Tour Price : Semi private tour 2,400 Thai Baht per person
Natural paradise located just off the south-western coast of Koh Samui from Taling Nam fishing village. You will have about an hour to relax, sunbathe, swim or snorkel at one of the secluded bays of this stunning island. Once you arrive at the mangrove forest we will go for a guided...
AngthongTourBoat Marine Park aboard the Tour Boat
Tour Price : 1,200 Thai Baht per a person
Best for guests who prefer to stay away from speed boats for easy slow ride. You will transfer off the boat via long tail-boat sea kayak to visit Talay Nai where you can visit the the Emerald Lake & climb to the spectacular viewpoint. Your next stop will be at Koh Wau Ta Lap where you can kayak some more between the islands; Or visit Lotus cave with stalagmite & stalactite...
Koh Tao Snorkeling tour Koh Tao Snorkeling Tour
Tour Price : 1,800 Thai Bath per a person
The Speed Boat will take you directly to Koh Tao in about one hour and 30 minutes. The island consist of three small islands joined together by a beautiful sandbank. Together, these islands form four bays with crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches and amazing coral reefs that offer...
Ang Thong Marine Park kayaking tour Ang Thong National Marine Park snorkeling & kayaking (Full day tour)
Tour Price : 1,800 Thai Bath per a person
Depart from Big Buddha Samui to the Ang Thong National Marine Park and commence the morning snorkeling. Next we will explore some of the most interesting islands on the way to the blue lagoon...
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Koh Phangan Sailing charter

Main Cabin Sail boat

Charter Sail boat Samui Bird View

Dinging on deck

Sailing Boat arrive at the beach

Main Cabin Seating

Snorkeling on Koh Nangyuan


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